Tailor's Bunion

Tailor’s Bunion 

Bumps disrupt surfaces. They add extra width that would not have otherwise been there. On your body, this puts structures at risk for issues with friction and irritation. Sometimes, however, these bulges appear in places you might not expect, like the outer side of the foot. This Tailor’s Bunion or bunionette can cause as much pain and difficulty as its more common neighbor, the bunion.

Much like a normal bunion, this smaller bump on the outside of the foot can cause pain. It rubs against the inside of shoes and becomes irritated. As the soft tissues in the joint become inflamed, they swell uncomfortably. Sometimes the bulge may appear red or develop a callus. Occasionally a bone spur can grow as well, exacerbating your symptoms. The bump can make it extremely uncomfortable to wear shoes, especially if your footwear is narrower or squeezes the toes.
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